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Debating the Debate

I want to talk a little about the second debate.

Mitt, Please Proceed...

I just LOVE the look on Romney's face as he thinks he is going to apply the "kill shot" of the debate but instead winds up with, umm, well, "something" on his face.

BTW, I think the reaction on FOX was idiotic, yet typical of them. Instead of agreeing that Obama had scored points (as the liberal press readily admitted after the first debate...) they instead complained about Ms. Crowley and called HER a liar! Have you seen the video in the Rose Garden? Mitt asked specifically "did you say 'act of terror'?" And when Obama asked him to proceed, the look on Mitt's face was PRICELESS! He wanted to make sure it was "on the record". Well videotape is a pretty good way of having things on the record. And then, when Ms. Crowley stated the fact that the president did, indeed say it was an act of terror, I hope Mr. Romney was wearing a cup! Could someone please explain how Ms. Crowley was lying? As Obama said, you could read the transcript but that is what Mitt counts on. He states lies and misleading information in front of 60 million people and then, when the truth comes out afterwards, it is not as widely viewed.

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